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The "economic code" behind the domestic compressor industry

"Deep work and name", this is used to describe the compressor is appropriate. Compressor is closely related to the industrial economy, the compressor is a pervasive feature of national product, but because it is a general machinery, unable to independently complete the production task, perception is low, so, although essential, few outsiders pay close attention to it.
Read the compressor to understand the economic cold and warm.
Compressor products, it possesses the characteristics of industrial products and consumer goods, the particularity of industry rise and fall and rise and fall of all walks of life from afar has always been seen as a barometer of economic and vane, changes in compressor industry tends to reflect the change of economic environment.
Compressor was able to measure the temperature of the economy, because the compressor category is numerous, involved in all walks of life, covering steel, petroleum, metallurgy, cement, coal, automobile and other traditional industries, as well as aerospace, high-speed rail, medicine, electronics and other emerging industries. Enterprises to increase production, production or shut down, can see from the running status of equipment, and equipment operation is dependent on the compressor, the increase or decrease in demand for compressor, so enterprises can directly reflect the enterprise's production and operating activities.
Since 2011, sales growth has slowed in spite of China's overall growth in compressor sales. Period, there are quite a few enterprises loss, shrinkage, appear even stopped, turned and started in 2011, behind is a reflection of the China's economic growth speed, high-speed growth from rapid growth into the new normal. Under the new normal, the scale expansion, speed expansion of Chinese enterprises from the past, into the "capacity, inventories, deleveraging, cost reduction, short board" structure adjustment, this is a test of the compressor production companies.
The surge in the compressor industry from the end of last year to this year can be seen clearly as a rebound from the nation's economy. In the first half of the year, sales of the compressor surged by more than 50 percent, which is related to the implementation of the 13th five-year plan and more than half of the supply-side reform.
In addition, changes in the structure of the compressor products can also greatly observe the changes of economic structure.
On the one hand, the demand for compressors in the traditional manufacturing industry is declining, while the demand for compressors in emerging industries is rising, which reflects the change of industry. Such as the decline in nearly two years of coal demand, the national coal supply side reform, to strength increasing capacity, shut down large quantities of coal, coal production of hundreds of millions of tons, and mine compressor market has shrunk dramatically, especially in some big province of coal resources.
Technical specifications, on the other hand, higher and higher quality of compressor demand rising, this specification is under the development trend of new industrialization, large scale, intensification of domestic industrial enterprises by use of equipment is gradually becoming mainstream, and pay more attention to cost control, focus on equipment throughout the life cycle of high benefit, not just limited to the initial purchase cost. This highlights the positive transformation and upgrading of Chinese enterprises under the supply-side reform. A strong example is that before 2011, the frequency conversion compressor was already available, but few people in the market were interested in it. After 2011, the market share of the frequency conversion compressor and the two grade compression products with higher energy efficiency and higher energy efficiency have rapidly increased, which has become the main product in recent years.
A glimpse of the whole panther, the view of the water can be seen from the sea. Compressor is ubiquitous in the industrial situation, but more product attribute determines the compressor is behind the scenes role, but due to the compressor and the connections among all walks of life, to observe the Chinese economy provides a new dimension.
Chinese enterprises under One Belt And One Road through the compressor.
Not long ago, One Belt And One Road international cooperation summit BBS was held in Beijing, and BBS has achieved 76 major projects and more than 270 concrete achievements. "Area" is provided to China the world's best international public goods, more than 100 countries and international organizations to respond to support, more than 40 countries and international organizations signed a cooperation agreement with China, is an important hub of China's economy and the connection of the world economy. By the end of 2016, Chinese enterprises have invested us $29.35 billion directly in "One Belt And One Road" countries, adding nearly $1.1 billion in tax revenue and 180,000 jobs to local countries.
So the question is, what does this have to do with the compressor? Why does public opinion focus on compressor products and fields?
In fact, the answer is very simple, because at present China's investment to One Belt And One Road countries is mainly concentrated in infrastructure projects, oil and gas industry chain, transportation and transportation of oil and gas ports and other fields. These industries are inextricable from manufacturing equipment and equipment, and compressors are needed in construction equipment, power equipment, high-speed rail and freight ships.
At present, there are a number of compressor enterprises, through "One Belt And One Road" to the foreign market. These enterprises can be broadly divided into three categories:
Type of gas, natural gas gathering and transferring large workmanship, petrochemical compressor for the main products of the old state-owned enterprises and some of the emerging private enterprises of petrochemical compressor equipment, great energy markets for the Middle East, central Asia, auxiliary compressor products. With the construction of the "region" and deepening of cooperation, the regional strong energy resources and equipment market is activated, some enterprises have been provided by the past simple products, to start to provide installation, debugging and operation and service process design and a series of growth.
The other type is the engineering supporting compressor company which follows the Chinese engineering construction team on the "One Belt And One Road" market. As "area" all the way up to the height of national strategy, China exchanged with neighboring countries, infrastructure construction accelerated, because of China's construction of large projects using the probability of China construction machinery products is higher, after is plagued by overcapacity corner engineering machinery industry. So far this year, the increase in sales of engineering machinery has been between 50% and 150%. At the same time, the sales volume of mobile air compressor and fixed air compressor is greatly increased. Many compressor enterprises to go out to sea, following the construction machinery national team into the "One Belt And One Road" market.
There is also a class of enterprises, which is our focus on private compressor enterprises. These enterprises are the backbone of China's compressor industry and the most active group. At present, many enterprises have established distribution network in more than 50 countries and regions in southeast Asia, Australia, Europe, South America and Africa. The product base in southeast Asia and eastern Europe can radiate "One Belt And One Road", which greatly enhances the enterprise's international supporting services and meets the overseas demand of Chinese enterprises. In recent years, enterprises have continuously communicated with international customers and dealers through foreign exhibitions and technologies, and promoted the development of overseas compressor market.
Through the compressor of the development of overseas business, we can see that the coordinated development of Chinese enterprises in overseas markets, make Chinese enterprises in overseas markets of ecosystem, and according to the compressor enterprises in overseas markets in recent years product sales situation changes, and the proportion of sales of different countries/regions and value-added services, you can see the development of Chinese enterprises in overseas markets focus and business situation.
At present, China's economy is in a period of sharp change, complicated and complicated. Compressor closely linked with economic activities, provide us with a new point of view, many economic code, this not only can measure the temperature of the Chinese economy, insight into the change of supply side reform brings to the industry, but also can see the management circumstance of Chinese enterprises in overseas markets.

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