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Key words: ship rudder system, shafting, marine engineering equipment, stern post, stern drum, deflector, ship deck machinery

The enterprise has production departments such as mechanical processing, cold work welding, and assembly.


Rudder equipment is a generic term for devices that use rudders to maintain the desired course, change the original course, or perform a rotary motion of a ship during navigation. It mainly consists of rudder, steering gear, steering gear, and other equipment, which are installed in the lower part of the stern, between the steering gear, and on the bridge.
The rudder equipment consists of six main parts, namely, steering gear, transmission gear, power unit, rotary unit, rudder unit, and control unit. The rudder equipment is mainly composed of rudder blades, steering gear, steering gear, and transmission devices. The steering gear and steering gear are installed aft of the ship.
The steering gear is a power device that transmits steering instructions to the rudder. Those that use electric motors to steer are called electric steering gears; Electric hydraulic steering gear is used to drive a hydraulic pump and turn the rudder. The rudder assembly consists of a rudder and its supporting components, usually located at the stern. The rudder is made of a flat or streamlined plate structure made of materials such as wood or metal. The rudder surface with a rudder angle moves relative to the water flow to generate hydrodynamic force, which is transmitted to the hull through the rudder stock and drives the ship to rotate. Ships are usually equipped with 1 or 2-3 rudders.

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