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Functional description of the internal components of the most complete air compressor in history (with maintenance method)

The function description and maintenance method of each component in the main air source path.
1. Air filter.
The air filter is a dry paper filter, and the fine porosity of the filter paper is about 5 mu. Its main function is to remove the dust from the air, avoid premature wear of the screw rotor, and the oil filter and oil separator are blocked prematurely. Normally every 500 hours of work should be removed to remove dust from the surface. The removal method is to use low pressure air to remove dust from the inside out.
Maintenance method of air filter:
The air filter is best maintained once a week. Unscrewed the cap nut, remove the air filter cartridge, with 0.2 0.4 Mpa compressed air, the air cleaner element inner chamber blow out in the empty cartridge outward appearance of the dust particles, with a clean cloth to clean the air filter on the shell wall goods, return air filter cartridge, pay attention to the air cleaner filter front end of the air filter shell end face seal ring joint closely. The heavy air filter can open the shell directly and the maintenance method is the same.
The air filter should be changed from 1500 to 2000 hours, and the environment is particularly bad, such as mine, ceramics factory, cotton mill, etc., it is recommended to replace the filter element of air filter in 500 hours. When replacing, please choose the genuine filter.
When cleaning or replacing the air filter, the parts must be properly aligned to prevent the foreign body from falling into the intake valve.
Normally, it is necessary to check whether the intake valve is damaged or flapped, and the connection between the expansion pipe and air filter intake valve is loose and leaky. Timely repair and replacement if found.
2. The intake valve
The air inlet valve is a disc type inlet valve, which is mainly controlled by the opening and closing of the disc in the inlet valve. There are two types of control, one type of switch, when the pressure reaches the high limit set value, the air inlet is closed, the pressure is reduced to the lower limit setting value, and the full load work of the inlet is re-opened. Another adjustment control, air inlet valve disc close coordination with the proportional valve capacity adjustment control, to adapt to the external gas, make the pressure stable within a certain range, pressure not to let the pressure, intake disc valve fully open, the compressor full load operation.
Maintenance method of inlet valve:
The failure of the air valve is usually the screw machine is not unloaded and the inlet valve is not closed. Not loaded, the inlet valve solenoid valve is damaged. Screw jet fuel injection, valve body control block failure. The screw machine is overloaded and the inlet valve is opened ahead of time. The intake control valve should be replaced periodically to maintain good working conditions. Every time of maintenance, should be the parts to be removed, check the wear situation of friction surface, especially need to pay attention to check the surface of the rubber sealing ring, if there are any cracks or damage, it must be replaced new thing, when after the completion of the repair package replacement, the parts should be cleaned, metal parts of the friction surface should be coated with lubricating oil.
3. The barrels of oil and gas
Oil and gas barrels have two functions: oil and gas separation and oil storage. After compression, the oil and gas mixture is discharged into the oil and gas tank, which can be separated out of most lubricating oil. Lubricating oil with a large amount of oil and gas bucket, avoid the hot oil newly isolated and immediately participate in the next cycle, which is beneficial to reduce the exhaust temperature. The oil tank side is equipped with an oil level indicator. There is a refueling hole on the bucket for refueling. The oil level of the static lubricating oil should be between the upper limit and the lower limit. The oil (water) ball valve at the bottom of the oil and gas tank should open the ball valve slightly before each operation to remove the condensation water in the oil and gas tank (because the water is heavier than oil and precipitated in the lower part). Once the oil is out, close it quickly. Due to the large area of oil and gas bucket, the compressed air flow rate can be reduced, which is beneficial to the separation of oil droplets and the effect of initial oil removal.
4. The relief valve
When the gas pressure in the oil and gas barrel is 1.1 times higher than the rated exhaust pressure, the relief valve will automatically jump and relieve pressure, reducing the pressure to the rated exhaust pressure. The way to check the safety valve is to pull the lever on the relief valve when the compressor is fully loaded. If the relief valve can vent to the outside, it is considered normal.
Maintenance method of safety valve:
To ensure air compressor valve performance does not change, the relief valve must be regularly for air compressor maintenance and cleaning, prevent the ash layer, water vapor, besmirch, etc into the valve body, the impact on the performance of the valve body.
Monthly maintenance project
In each month, it is necessary to maintain the safety valve of the air compressor, and the maintenance personnel must be professional personnel, and no one will cause problems in the valve body during maintenance. The monthly maintenance will be cleaned by oil filters and oil and gas separators, and the air filters should be cleaned. There is also the need to lubricate the cooling equipment and to check the various parts of the pump to remove safety hazards and to clean the valve body.
Annual maintenance project
The annual maintenance project is the most maintenance of the air compressor safety valve, which is different from the monthly, and the inspection is more extensive. About annual maintenance project need to clean the oil and water vapor in besmirch, etc., and adjust the body parts, check whether there is any problem, if there is a problem parts, need to be replaced in a timely manner.
5. Minimum pressure valve.
Located at the outlet of the oil separator above the oil and gas pump, the opening pressure is set at 0.45mpa. The minimum pressure valve mainly has the following functions:
First set up the circulating pressure needed for lubricating oil to ensure the lubrication of the machine.
Barrels of oil and gas gas pressure is greater than 0.4 MPa side trip after open, can reduce the air velocity through the fine oil separator, in addition to make sure the oil fine separation effect, and applying a thin separator from damage due to pressure difference is too big.
To the return function: when the pressure drop in the oil and gas tank after the shutdown, prevent the pipeline compressed air return.
Maintenance method of minimum pressure valve:
Bonnet temperature detection inspection on schedule, record the minimum pressure valve cover surface temperature and make record icon, combination instrument testing equipment operation parameters (such as temperature, pressure), according to the records of temperature change, analysis of the running status of the minimum pressure valve to predict life, reasonable arrangement of maintenance time.
Minimum pressure valve operation sound detection on auscultation sticks and other tools to monitor the minimum pressure valve valve movement of sound and valves of the same name with the same comparison, the minimum pressure valve, easy to distinguish the abnormal work can arrange inspection accordingly.
The change of the minimum pressure valve in the analysis process parameter will cause the change of temperature, pressure or flow. These parameters can be used to analyze the minimum pressure valve and even the minimum pressure valve.
6. Aftercooler
Compressed air flowing from the minimum pressure valve to the rear cooler. The rear cooler is integrated with oil cooler, with the same structure, all of which are plate warped. The cooling fan draws in the cold air, and then the cooler warps. The compressed air temperature after cooling is generally below the ambient temperature +15.
Maintenance method of rear cooler:
Should regularly according to the environmental situation of cooler to clean up, make the compressor work under normal temperature, ensure the machine has long service life, when the cooler dirty plugging, compressor exhaust temperature will rise. Generally, every 1500 hours should be cleaned from the outside of the air-cooled cooler, and the water side of the water-cooled type cooler should be cleaned every 1500 hours. The following advantages are provided for the regular cleaning of the coolers:
Always work under ideal working temperature of generating unit (below 95 ℃), the machine performance and good life.
It is possible to remove dirt by cleaning liquid, otherwise, when the dirt is thicker, the cleaning work is rather troublesome, and the cooler needs to be removed, and the cleaning can be accomplished by means of mechanical means.
Description of main parts of oil road.
1. The temperature control valve
The main function of the temperature control valve is to control the exhaust temperature of the compressor by controlling the lubricating oil humidity of the nozzle, so as to avoid the condensation of the water vapor in the air in the oil and gas tank and emulsifying the lubricating oil. When starting up, the oil temperature is low, the temperature control valve is closed, and the cold oil is injected directly into the body without the cooler. If high oil temperature rise to more than 70 ℃, the temperature control valve to gradually open to the access of the oil cooler, and 76 ℃ when fully open, the oil will be full again after oil cooler cooling spray into the body. Some models do not set temperature control valve, but through the stalling of the fan motor control to control the oil temperature. When the exhaust temperature up to 85 ℃, the fan running; When the exhaust temperature below 75 ℃, the fan automatically shut down, keep the temperature within a certain range.
Maintenance method of temperature control valve.
Temperature control valve disassembly: screw air compressor temperature control valve of the surface have a cover, the cover screw holes, find a suitable nut screw in the cover, then cover the card with fixed the circlip pliers to take out the spring, then use pliers pull just screwed into the nut, can take cover and all parts inside.
Cleaning temperature control valve: cleaner should use soap and water, diesel oil, petrol, day, water, etc., should be selected according to the degree of dirt above cleaner, generally it is recommended to use soap and water or diesel fuel for cleaning. If the dirt of temperature control valve is more serious, when cleaning, change a new cleaner.
2. Oil cooler
The oil cooler is integrated with the rear cooler.
3. Oil filter
The oil filter is a paper filter with the filtration precision between 10 and 15. Its function is to remove impurities in oil. For example, metal particles, dust, oil, etc., protect the normal operation of the bearing and rotor. If the oil filter is blocked, the fuel injection quantity may not be enough to affect the service life of the main bearing, and the exhaust temperature of the machine head will increase (or even stop).
Maintenance method of oil filter.
Every 100 h or drill work within a week, must clean oil filter mesh and the coarse mesh on the fuel tank, when cleaning filter element will be removed to use wire brush to brush dirt on the net, because of the air compressor in the dust under the environment of work, air filter and oil filter cleaning is crucial, often ignore this will cause a series of failures.
Every 300h: clean the filter cartridge, blow dry after cleaning, and then soak the same oil in the tank. If the dust is very serious, the cleaning cycle should be determined according to the actual situation. When you can see the red line of the air pollution indicator on the relief valve, the air filter is seriously polluted and the air filter should be cleaned. Clean or check the relief valve, minimum pressure valve and automatic vent valve and other parts. Clean the oil filter thoroughly and clean the dirt that is deposited on the bottom of the oil filter.
Every 1000h: must replace the oil filter paper filter element. Check the safety valve, temperature control valve, pressure regulator and pressure regulator.
Check the oil pump, check or replace the sealing ring every 3000h. According to the emulsification degree of the base oil, the amount of impurities, the change of viscosity will replace the new oil as appropriate. Oil separator filter element, generally can use 2000 ~ 4000h. No special maintenance during this period. If the oil consumption of compressor is found to be significantly increased, check or replace the core, screw the two M24 x 1.5 bolts on the exhaust seat, check the clearance of the exhaust valve, and adjust as appropriate. In the dust of the larger environment to use, easy to gather dust on the oil cooler, the cooling effect, should be based on specific circumstances for cleaning, general requirements for four months cleaning time, to ensure that the cooling effect.
4. Oil separator.
Fine oil separator filter used special multilayer fine fiber, mist lubricating oil contained in the compressed air after fine oil separator can be almost completely filter, oil particle size can be controlled below 0.1 mu m, oil content is less than 3 PPM.
Maintenance method of oil separator.
Oil and gas separators usually cause blockages. If oil and gas filter blockage is found, it may be the following reasons:
Check the surrounding environment. There are corrosive gases, such as sulfide in some cases, water in the sky, chemicals used in cleaning, etc. Or whether the air compressor is too hot.
Use qualified air filter, oil filter and oil. Timely replacement of oil, filter element and so on.
Check whether there is a leak on the pipe between air inlet and air inlet. Common causes of leakage are: air filtration is not installed; The contact area of the air filter assembly is uneven; The contact surface of the air filter and the assembly is attached to the surface, causing leakage; The elastic contact pad on the air filtration surface is deflected; An empty filter or an empty filter assembly is broken.
Check whether the moisture content on the oil filter material is too much, prevent the oil component resistance to increase, block up ahead of time.
5. Return oil check valve.
The residual oil from the oil filter is concentrated in the small circular groove in the center of the filter, which is brought to the main engine by the return pipe to avoid the oil that has been separated and then discharged with the air. In order to prevent the oil return flow in the compressor room, a one-way valve is set up after the return pipe. If the fuel consumption in the machine is suddenly increased, check the throttle of the one-way valve is blocked.
Maintenance method of oil return one-way valve:
Disassembly of the oil return valve: a joint in the valve body, unscrewed from the place, and removed the spring, steel ball, steel bead seat.
Clean back oil check valve: clean valve body, spring, steel ball, steel bead seat with cleaning agent, part of the one-way valve and screen, if any, clean together.
Three gas road control parts.
1. Load the solenoid valve.
For two normally closed solenoid valves. Through the power and loss of the solenoid valve, control the ventilation and the state of the gas circuit, realize loading and unloading functions.
2. The vent valve
When unmounted or shut down, this valve opens to release the pressure in the oil and gas drums, to keep the compressor running low, or to ensure that it is restarted without load.
3. Proportional valve
The higher the regulation pressure, the higher the proportional valve (i.e., the exhaust pressure of the system), the lower the output control pressure. And control the lower the pressure, inlet unloading valve disc with the telescopic cylinder control of opening the smaller, the compressor and the smaller the volume of the compressor of the gas and the gas consumption balance, realize stepless capacity regulating function. The way to adjust the pressure is to lift the black cap of the anti-proportional valve and rotate it, the pressure will increase clockwise, and the counter-clockwise rotation will decrease. After the setting, press down the cap to prevent it from spinning on its own due to vibration. The setting value should generally be less than the rated discharge pressure, and if the unloading pressure is higher than that set by the microcomputer controller, only the empty heavy vehicle will have no capacity.
4. The sensor
The pressure and temperature sensor realizes the measurement of various parameters and realizes the screw air compressor plus, load shedding, various fault tips, and automatic stop when necessary.

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Functional description of the internal components of the most complete air compressor in history (with maintenance method)

The function description and maintenance method of each component in the main air source path. 1. Air filter. The air filter is a dry paper filter, and the fine porosity of the filter paper is about 5

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